Professors James Purpura and Hansun Waring to present at Colloquium at AAAL 2013 ☆

ILTA at AAAL Colloquium – Learning-Oriented Assessment (LOA) in Classrooms: A Place where SLA, Interaction, and Language Assessment Interface

Many L2 assessment researchers (e.g., Rea-Dickins, 2003; Leung, 2005) have acknowledged the central role that assessment plays in L2 classrooms and have recognized the need to relate assessment principles and practices to teaching and learning. Empirical and theoretical research on L2 classroom-based assessment has provided several insights; however, still unclear is how this work fits within a coherent framework of classroom-based assessment—one emphasizing the centrality of socio-cognition, L2 processing, interaction, and learning outcomes. Also unclear is how findings from this work contribute to localized best practices for L2 assessment within a learning framework.

Purpura (2004) and Purpura and Turner (Forthcoming) have proposed a learning-oriented approach to classroom-based assessment that, in prioritizing learning, seeks to describe how formal and informal assessments are conceptualized and implemented from a learning perspective, as well as how planned assessments, together with those occurring spontaneously through social interaction, contribute to the advancement of L2 processing and the attainment of learning outcomes. Jones and Hamilton (2011) have also proposed a learning-oriented approach seeking to combine external tests with classroom-based assessment.

This symposium explores how LOA can be used as a framework for understanding the nature of classroom-based assessment and its role in narrowing learning gaps.

Saturday, March 16, 8:15-11:15am
Sheraton Dallas Hotel, Dallas Ballroom D1 (CC-1st floor), Dallas, Texas