TESOL/AL Roundtable Research Forum (Fall 2013) ☆

| October 31, 2013

The TESOL/AL Roundtable Research Forum was held on Oct 4 (Friday) at the Teachers College.


1. Dr. Howard Williams: Abstract Writing

2. Saerhim Oh: Investigating the Rater Behaviors and the Rater Training Effect of the Writing Section of the CEP (Community English Program) Placement Test

3. Rongchan Lin: The Communicative Functions of Names in Political Discourse: A Single Case Analysis

4. Sian Morgan: A Look at Lexical Resources and Interpersonal Function over CEFR Levels

5. Aya Tsuchie: Influence of L1 Japanese on L2 English Learning and Proficient English Speakers’ Comprehension of L2 Learner’s Production