Professor ZhaoHong Han and M.A. Student Zehua Liu to present at ACLA 2011

| February 28, 2011

Conference: ACLA 2011 (The Annual Conference of the Canadian Association of Applied Linguistics) (Fredericton, June 1-3, 2011)

Title of presentation: Initial-state input processing: A study of ab initio learners of Chinese

Presenters: ZhaoHong Han and Zehua Liu


Since SLA researchers continue to debate the initial state, e.g., the full transfer/full access hypothesis, empirical inquiries focusing on processing in the initial state are needed. They might validate UG claims, and would create new knowledge vis-à-vis L2 input processing, the study of which has concentrated on mid-advanced stages of acquisition. The empirical study reported in this presentation investigates first exposures of incipient L2 learners to input in Chinese, the target language.