TESOL/AL Web Journal Brown Bag Lunch Presentation on Feb 22, 2011

Teachers College, Columbia University Working Papers in TESOL and
Applied Linguistics cordially invites you to our first Brown Bag Lunch
Presentation in the Spring:

Event-Related Potentials and Second Language Acquisition:

What Goes On in the Brain of an L2 Learner?

Dr. John D. Purdy

Saint Louis University

Date: February 22, 2011 (Tuesday)
Time: 2-3 pm
Venue: 305 Russell (the Gottesman Libraries)

(Bring your own lunch; beverages and dessert will be provided)

When a recording of electrical activity in the brain is time-locked to the onset of a stimulus, an event-related potential (ERP) may be observed. Several ERP components have been associated with different aspects of language processing, including lexical access, morphosyntactic processing, and the reanalysis of difficult sentences.  At this presentation, Dr. Purdy will will examine the use of ERP methodology in SLA research and review some of the findings from the speaker’s dissertation, together with an overview of his postdoctoral work on implicit learning and language acquisition.

Dr. Purdy is a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Brain, Learning, and Cognition Lab in the Department of Psychology at Saint Louis University.  He earned his M.A.-TESOL and Ed.D. in Applied Linguistics at Teachers College.  J.D.’s research includes the use of EEG/ERP methodology to study second-language sentence processing and the acquisition of second-language morphosyntax. His current work investigates implicit learning of complex sequential patterns by deaf children who have received cochlear implants. J.D.’s dissertation research, Unaccusatives and Neurocognitive Indices of Second-Language Acquisition: An ERP Study, was conducted at the Neurocognition of Language Lab at Teachers College.

Please contact Adrienne Wai Man Lew at WML2102@columbia.edu for
more information.