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Professor Hansun Zhang Waring with Ed.d. Students Sarah Creider and Tara Tarpey, and M.A. Student Rebecca Black to Present at AAAL 2011 

Conference: AAAL 2011 Presentation Title: A search for specificity in understanding CA and context. Paper to be presented at the American Association for Applied Linguistics Annual Conference (AAAL): Chicago, Illinois. Abstract Based on videotaped interactions from both ordinary conversations and institutional talk, this paper contributes to the ongoing debate regarding CA and context by detailing …

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Professors Hansun Zhang Waring and Barbara Hruska to Present at IPrA 2011 

Conference: 12th International Pragmatics Conference (IPrA) Presentation Title: Problematic directives in pedagogical interaction Abstract In this paper, we describe the specific ways in which certain practices of directives can disengage learner attention, block participation, and ultimately, stifle learning opportunities. Data come from a videotaped tutoring session collected at an after-school early literacy program for ESOL …

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Ed.D. Students Tara Tarpey and Drew Fagan to Present at AAAL 2011 

Title of Presentation: The Influence of Nonverbal Conduct in Language Learning Environments Abstract Using conversation analysis as a framework, this presentation investigates the range of influence that nonverbal conduct can have on interaction in two second-language education settings: a writing center and an ESL classroom. The significance of nonverbal conduct in conversation analysis has been …

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